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Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero

As a teen, "Tommy Guerrero" (born September 9, 1966 in San Francisco) was one of the prominent members of the Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta's professional skateboarding team that dominated the 1980s. He was well known for his seemingly effortless street skating in his hometown of San Francisco, which was depicted in most of the Brigade's videos (Future Primitive, The Search for Animal Chin, Public Domain, and Ban This). After riding for Powell Peralta, Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud (a hometown friend and PP teammate) started the skateboarding company "Real".

After his success in the world of skateboarding, he moved on to his second passion - music. Guerrero was a member of the group Jet Black Crayon, but has had more success as a solo artist. His critically acclaimed albums, EPs, and singles combine various types of music from rock, rap, funk, soul, and jazz.

*Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues (1998)

*A Little Bit Of Somethin' (2000)

*Soul Food Taqueria (2003)

*Guerrero also released a DJ mix album for the Azuli Records' Late Night Tales / Another Late Night series in 2002, ''Another Late Night: Tommy Guerrero''.

*Backintheday (1995)

*Junk Collector (2001)


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