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Too Much Joy

"Too Much Joy" was the name of an indie music group formed in the early 1980's in Scarsdale, New York by high-school acquaintances inspired by the music of The Clash.

The original members were Tim Quirk (vocals), Jay Blumenfield (guitar, vocals), Sandy Smallens (bass, vocals) and Tommy Vinton (drums). Smallens departed on amicable terms in 1994; William Wittman provided bass and vocals after Smallens's retirement. Blumenfield was also in Fields Laughing (who released an EP in 1985 on Stonegarden Records) and Smallens was also in Beauty Constant (whose ''Like The Enemy'' LP was issued in 1987).

The band, originally called The Rave, took the name Too Much Joy after a phrase Quirk found written down after his first mushroom trip.

After the success of their third album ''Cereal Killers'', TMJ released several other studio albums, but none achieved the same popular success. In 1997, TMJ announced a hiatus, saying that the commercialism of the music business had taken the "joy" out of performing. Too Much Joy reunited in 1999 and 2001 to produce the studio album ''Gods and Sods'' and the live album ''L...

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