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Tribal Tech

Tribal Tech

thumb|200px|right|Left to right: Scott Kinsey, Scott Henderson, Kirk Covington, Gary Willis .

"Tribal Tech" is a progressive fusion band, originally formed in 1984 by guitarist Scott Henderson and bass player Gary Willis. The band includes Scott Kinsey on keyboard and Kirk Covington on drums, and has produced nine CDs that stretch the borders between blues, jazz, and rock. The band is widely regarded for the prodigious talents of its individual members and for its importance to the modern fusion music scene, but has dissolved following the release of 2000's ''Rocket Science'', with the various members pursuing solo careers.

*Scott Henderson - Guitar

*Gary Willis - Bass guitar

*Scott Kinsey - Keyboards

*Kirk Covington - Drums

*''Spears'' (1985)

*''Dr. Hee'' (1987)

*''Nomad'' (1989)

*''Tribal Tech'' (1991)

*''Illicit'' (1992)

*''Face First'' (1993)

*''Reality Check'' (1995)

*''Thick'' (1999)

*''Rocket Science'' (2000)

* Tribal Tech's official website (also Scott Kinsey's personal website)

* Scott Henderson's website

* Garry Wi...

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