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"Trouble" is an American doom metal band noted for their slow (by 1980s standards), heavy albums such as their 1984 debut, ''Trouble'' (later ''Psalm 9''), ''The Skull'' (1985), and others. Other than their influence on the just-emerging subgenre, they are also known as being one of the better, more prominent Christian metal bands, now or then. Many critics disagreed that they were Christian because use of the word "Fuck" in "Bastards Will Pay" (it should be noted that the band does not consider themselves as a Christian act). Trouble's first record label, Metal Blade Records, marketed the band as "White Metal" (in contrast to the rising black metal movement), although the band was not particularly fond of that tag.

Their sound is mid-tempo compared to Funeral Doom bands like Skepticism or Esoteric or even Doom-Death like My Dying Bride, but was some of the slowest metal being written at a time when NWOBHM and then thrash metal bands were playing faster and faster; Trouble songs generally move about as fast as a slower Black Sabbath song, like "Iron Man," "Lord of this World" and "Into the Void," but while the tempo had been done before, the sound is all their own. While ...

Background group or band
Origin Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre Doom metal
Stoner metal
Years active 1979–1996, 2002–present
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source: Wikipedia