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"Turbonegro" ("Turboneger" in Norway) is a Norwegian band who combine heavy metal, rock and punk music into a non-politically-correct version of punk (which has been described by the band as "deathpunk").


Turbonegro first came together in Oslo, Norway during the winter of 1988/89. The line up was Thomas Seltzer, Vegard Heskestad, Pal Bottger Kjaernes, Rune Gronn, Pål Erik Carlin and Carlos Churasco. Thomas and Vegard had formerly shared times in a band called De Dype - a noisy and subversive ensemble equipped with a certain amount of Butthole Surfers inspiration and a disturbing attitude that was basically meant to piss people off. Apparently early Turbonegro continued their conceptional styles. Their first show was at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark in March of 1989. By April Turbonegro played their first show in their hometown of Oslo. In the following weeks they recorded songs for their debut single ''Route Zero'' and the ''Turboloid'' 12" EP. Both records were released by Thomas Seltzer's own label, Straightjacket Records, which he started in 1983. This first session was recorded at Nesodden Musikkversted by Christian Calmeyer. Thomas played bass and drums on '...

years active 1989–1998, 2002-present
origin Norway
music genre heavy metal music
current members Hank Von Helvete
Rune Rebellion
Pål Pot Pamparius
Chris Summers
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source: Wikipedia