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Luca Turilli

"Luca Turilli" (born 5 March 1972) is an Italian musician. He is one of the founders of the symphonic power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire. He also worked on a trilogy of solo albums as Luca Turilli. The third album, ''The Infinite Wonders of Creation'', was released on 26 May 2006 to great critical acclaim. ''The Infinite Wonders of Creation'' was leaked onto the internet on March 24th, 2006 - nearly two months before the album's retail release date. He is currently working on a new band project known as Luca Turilli's Dreamquest.

Turilli was born in Trieste, Italy. Due to the influence of his father, he became interested in classical music and learned to play piano and guitar. In 1993 he founded the band Thundercross, which was renamed Rhapsody after releasing the first demo, and renamed once again, to Rhapsody Of Fire because of copyright reasons in 2006.

As with many lead guitarists in the power metal genre, his solos are highly technical and what some might call flashy, in many ways reflecting the bombastic nature of Rhapsody Of Fire's music.

* Luca Turilli — Guitar, Keyboards

* Olaf Hayer — Vocals

* Bridget Fogle - Vocals (Only on "''The Infinite W...

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