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Type O Negative

"Type O Negative" is a gothic doom metal band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is well known for their dry, morbid and self-ironic sense of humour and their often slow and brooding music. The band rose from the ashes of the band Carnivore and gained significant popularity with most of their released albums and their often relentless touring schedule, despite a lack of mainstream radio play and little support from music television.


Type O Negative’s origins lie in Fallout, formed in the early eighties by then teenager Peter Steele. He was joined by fellow teen and Brooklyn native, Josh Silver. The band released one EP in 1981, titled ''Batteries Not Included''. It enjoyed modest success on college radio.

Shortly thereafter, Silver left Fallout to form Original Sin, which sounded like most eighties hair metal bands at the time, with a new wave twist. Meanwhile, Steele went on to found the seminal and infamous thrash metal band, Carnivore.


Carnivore spent much of the mid-eighties terrorizing concert goers at various venues in and around the East Coast, including the legendary CBGB’s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and the now defunct L’amours i...

years active 1990–present
origin Brooklyn, New York City
music genre Heavy metal, Gothic metal#Gothic doom
current members Peter Steele
Josh Silver
Kenny Hickey
Johnny Kelly
past members Sal Abruscato
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia