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"Ultrasound" were a British indie band who were active in the late 1990s.

Mixing a bizarre mix of 1970s Glam Rock and Prog Rock together with an independent outlook the band released their first single "Same Band" on Fierce Panda in 1997. This bought them some favourable press in NME and led them to a deal with Nude Records following a bidding war. Further singles "Best Wishes" and "Stay Young" (which mentioned Gary Glitter just when he returned to the news) followed in 1998.

The band received some very favourable reviews (most notably for their 1998 Glastonbury Festival performance) and began to build a growing fanbase. The band were sometimes described as a band of outsiders with an image unusual for successful pop stars. Led by the aging, overweight Tiny Wood they were often compared with Pulp, Radiohead and the Manic Street Preachers, and managed to attract some of the typically devoted fans of each of these bands.

The band recorded their triple-length debut LP ''Everything Picture'' after a gap of nearly a year in 1999. The LP received poor reviews for its great length and alledged lack of focus. A string of planned live dates were cancelled following growing te...

years active 1997–1999
country London, England
music genre Britpop, Indie rock
current members Andy Peace
Tiny Wood
Richard Green (musician)
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source: Wikipedia