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Unified Theory

Unified Theory is a rock Super-group, made up of two ex-Blind Melon members (bassist Brad Smith and guitarist Christopher Thorn), ex-Pearl Jam member (drummer Dave Krusen), and newcomer Chris Shin on vocals/guitar. Unified Theory was originally called Luma, they issued a 4-track CD through their website in 1999. But after they were signed to Universal later that year, they changed their name to Unified Theory named after a theory Einstein was working on when he died.

Unified Theory began to form in early 1998. After a plan to carry on Blind Melon with a new singer didn't work out, Smith and Thorn decided to start a new band. Thorn came across Shinn after moving to L.A. to scout vocalists. "Chris has an exceptional voice, I was blown away," says Thorn, "You have to like people you're working with, we wanted someone with personality and a voice. He's a fun guy and I was completely floored by his songs." Krusen, the drummer from Pearl Jam's epic album Ten, was already friends with Thorn and Smith. Kirsen joined Unified Theory after touring with Candlebox. In August 2000 the band issued their self-titled debut album.

While recording, the band made a conscious effort to...

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