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Unleashed :Unwavering True Swedish Death Metal Since 1989.

  • "The Utter Dark" - Audio cassette
  • "Revenge" - Audio cassette
  • "Revenge" - Vinyl 7
  • "...And the Laughter Has Died" - Vinyl 7

  • 1991: Where No Life Dwells
  • 1992: Shadows In The Deep
  • 1993: Across The Open Sea
  • 1995: Victory
  • 1997: Warrior
  • 2002: Hell's Unleashed
  • 2004: Sworn Allegiance

* 2006: "Midvinterblot" : Newly signed to SPV GmbH? Unleashed is pleased to announce their latest enterprise with German Lable SPV. "Midvinterblot" is scheduled to debut worldwide Fall 2006. This joint venture enthusiastically inked over the recent passing days of early July 2006 maintains the band's impetus and tenacious momentum charring all in its' path this summer in true Swedish Death Metal form.

  • 1991: Revenge Tour Live Demo
  • 1994: Live In Vienna '93
  • 1996: Eastern Blood... Hail To Po...
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