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Uriah Heep

"Uriah Heep" is an English rock band, formed in 1969 when record producer Gerry Bron invited keyboardist Ken Hensley (previously a member of The Gods and Toe Fat) to join Spice, a band signed to his own Bronze Records label. Sometimes jokingly referred to as "The Beach Boys of heavy metal" for their melodic songs, and trademark multi-part harmony backing vocals, although their music draws on diverse influences including progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, and even country on occasion. However, it is mainly recognized by its "goth-like" sound. In spite of their huge popularity in Britain and continental Europe, Uriah Heep was never able to break into the American market in a big way, with the exception of three hit songs, "Easy Livin' " from the 1972 album ''Demons and Wizards'', "Sweet Lorraine" from the 1972 album ''The Magician's Birthday'', and "Stealin' " from the 1973 release ''Sweet Freedom''. The band released several commercially successful albums in the 1970s, but their audience declined during the 1980s, to the point where they became essentially a cult band in the US and UK, they maintain a significant big following in Germany, the Netherlands, the Scandinav...
years active 1969 – present
music genreProgressive rock
current members ''see below''
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