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V Shape Mind

"V Shape Mind" is a rock quartet from Decatur, Illinois. The band formed in 1999. They play music that is both heavy and melodic. Their style has been called "heavy mellow". Although the band is not extremely well known, it has a strong fan following. The song "Monsters" features vocals by Chad of the metal band Mudvayne. The band has since broken up pointing to difficulties with Universal Records as the key factor in the decision to break up. They played their final show together on Thursday, May 6, at Lincoln Square Theatre in Decatur.

*Brad Hursh - vocals, guitar

*Scott Parjani - drums, percussion

*Jeff McElyea - guitar, piano

*Vic Zientara - bass, vocals

*''Metric'' (2000) Diet Black Records

*''Cul-de-Sac'' (2003) Universal Records

*"Antithesis of Origami"




*"The Taste of Vinegar"

*"Totally Different Head"

*"Peel the Rind"



*"Chameleon Wars"

*"That Cool Refreshing Drink"

*"Every Little Thing"

* V Shape Mind - official

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