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"Valdy" (born "Valdemar Horsdal" in 1946 at Ottawa, Ontario) is one of Canada's established folk musicians. Valdy has been part of the folk scene in Canada since the early 1970s and is perhaps best known for his composition "Rock and Roll Song".

Valdy is the winner of two Juno Awards for Folk Singer of the Year and Folk Entertainer of the Year, and has received seven additional Juno nominations. His thirteen albums have achieved sales of close to half a million copies.

Valdy lives on Saltspring Island in British Columbia with his wife Kathleen.

* ''Country Man'' (Haida Records, 1971)

* ''Landscapes'' (Haida Records, 1973)

* ''Family Gathering'' (A&M, 1974)

* ''See How The Years Have Gone By'' (A&M, 1975)

* ''Valdy & the Hometown Band'' (A&M, 1976)

* ''Hot Rocks'' (A&M, 1978)

* ''1001'' (Sloth Records, 1979)

* ''Passport: Best Of Valdy'' (A&M, 1980)

* ''Valdy's Kids' Record'' (Rack-On-Tour, 1981)

* ''Notes From Places'' (Duke Street, 1986)

* ''Classic Collection'' (A&M, 1988)

* ''Heart @ Work'' (Peg Records, 1993)

* ''Smorgasbard'' (Rack-On-Tour, 1996)

* ''Contenders'' (Stony Plain, 1999)

* ''Valdy: Millennium Collection'' (Universal, 20...

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