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"Vehemence" are a Phoenix, Arizona-based band with melodic death metal, brutal death metal and hardcore influences.

Long-time vocalist Nathan Gearheart left the line-up in 2005 and was replaced by former ''From a Second Story Window'' singer Sean Vandegrift, a change that put the band into a more Hardcore-fused direction. Sean Vandegrift and Vehemence parted ways later that year and Andy Cody from Glass Casket would fill the spot.

The band split up in October 2005, and then on February 25, 2006 they announced that they are back together, and writing again to an ecstatic crowd at Phoenix's Metal Devastation. Despite their reunion, the members have stated that they'll stay a local band, because of their new projects.

* Nathan Gearheart - Vocals (also in He Who Binds Himself)

* Mark Kozuback - Bass guitar, Backing vocals (also in The Symmetry In Chaos)

* Bjorn Dannov - Guitar (also in The Symmetry In Chaos, live guitar for Abigail Williams)

* John Chavez - Guitars (also in Cursed In Black)

* Andy Schroeder - Drums( also in The Symmetry In Chaos)


* Scott Wiegand - Guitar

* Jason Keesecker - Keyboards

* Sean Vand...

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