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"Vengaboys" are a trance band that came to prominence in 1997. Some of their most successful singles include "Uncle John from Jamaica", "We're Going to Ibiza", "Boom Boom Boom Boom" and "We Like to Party". Like in Spanish, the V is pronounced with a soft B sound, as such- "Bengaboys". A guest-singer from Spain, for the producer's previous project Nakatomi, kept repeatedly singing ''Venga'' in their songs, which means ''come'' in Spanish. This led to the name 'Vengaboys' as their following project.

Never critically acclaimed, the group continued making records that were distinctly "Eurobeat", following in the footsteps of previous Dutch-Dance sensations 2 Unlimited. The ploy worked and by the beginning of the year 2000, the group had achieved 4 top 10 entries, including 2 number ones (''Boom Boom Boom Boom'' and ''We're Going to Ibiza''). The group's success continued throughout the beginning of the 21st century, with the "Platinum Album" (their third album release) going top 10, spawning 3 big hits (''Kiss'', ''Shala Lala'' and ''Uncle John From Jamaica'') and 2 lesser known tracks (''Cheekah Bow-Bow'', which included their fifth cyber-member Cheekah, and the ballad ''Forever ...

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