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"The Vengeance" is a fictional female character from the novel, "A Tale of Two Cities," written by the famous British Writer, "Charles Dickens."

Like Miss Pross, The Vengeance shadows another important female character in the book, in this case: Madame Defarge. We are not given the exact age of The Vengeance, but from her description and behaviour, it is commonly agreed upon that she is perhaps a few years younger than Madame Defarge, perhaps between the ages of 35 to 45.

We are only given a tidbit of The Vengeance's personal life, but we know that she is a short, plump woman who has married a thin, tall grocer. This is ironic as her husband, who makes the food, doesn't eat any of it (This is why The Vengeance is fat and her husband is skinny). We also know that she, like many other women of the time, The Vengeance enjoys watching The Guillotine, while knitting. Aside from that, we know no other information.

The Vengeance is truly a Jacobin, and is almost always saying something that praises Madame Defarge right after she has made a particularly nasty comment. For example, after Madame Defarge promises to kill the entire family of Lucie Manette, The Vengeance ...

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