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"Venus" was created in 1997 by five artists hailing from Brussels, Belgium. The original goal of the band was to create an original sound that expressed different emotions through several instruments including guitar, violin, double bass, organ, percussion, synth, and a host of others. Also using the scenography talents of former member Patric Carpentier to create visual emotion through their live performances. Although not well known in the United States they have had success with releases ''Beautiful Days'' and ''Wanda Wultz'' off of their Capitol record label release in 2003, Vertigone. The single "Beautiful Days" was also a track featured in the film Immortel, which is based off of the popular futuristic and Ancient Egyptian styled Enki Bilal comic series. The band's name is in reference and inspired from the Velvet Underground track, ''Venus In Furs.'' "Venus" continue to work on their music and are currently on tour in Europe.


*Marc A. Huyghens - Vocals, acoustic and slide guitars, mandolin, banjo, electric piano, xylophone, organ, mellotron, synth

*Christian Schreurs - Violin, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, noises

*Pierre Jacqmin - Double bass


country Belgium
years active 1997–present
music genre Acoustic instrument
current members Marc A. Huyghens
Christian Schreurs
Pierre Jacqmin
Jean-Marc Butty
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia