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"Verbena" is an Alabama-based rock band founded in the early 1990s by high school friends Scott Bondy (vocals, guitar), Les Nuby (drums), and Daniel Johnston (bass). Originally calling themselves Shallow, the trio added Anne Marie Griffin (additional vocals, guitar) and replaced Nuby with original Remy Zero drummer Louis Schefano and began recording for Merge Records under the name Verbena. Soon after Nuby returned to the group, the band attracted attention from Dave Grohl, who agreed to produce the band's major-label debut, ''Into the Pink'' in 1999. The album's first single "Baby Got Shot" received moderate modern rock radio airplay. Shortly afterwards, Griffin left the band and Johnston was replaced with Nick Daviston. Verbena was once again a trio and released ''La Musica Negra'' in 2003, and again received radio airplay for the single "Way Out West." They toured in support of ''La Musica Negra'' and often times under the false name of, "The Alabama Boys Choir." Verbena disbanded in 2003 after their extensive touring. However, in the fall of 2005 Les and Scott each started solo projects, and they are expected to tour again.

* ''Pilot Park'' (EP) (1996)

* ''Souls For ...

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