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Vicente Amigo

"Vicente Amigo Girol" is a Flamenco guitarist born in Guadalcanal, near Seville, Spain, in 1967. He is usually considered one of the greatest flamenco guitarist, in succession to Paco de Lucía.

He has also played as a backing guitarist on recordings by flamenco singers Pelé, Camarón de la Isla, Vicente Soto, Luis de Córdoba and the rociero band Salmarina, and he has acted as a producer for Remedios Amaya and José Mercé. His work, ''Ciudad de las Ideas'', won the Latin Grammy for the Best Flamenco Album in 2001 and the 2002 Ondas award for the best Flamenco Work.

Although he is Sevillian by birth, he was raised and lives in Córdoba, where he attended his first guitar lessons with El Tomate and El Merengue, and later, he perfected his guitar playing with Manolo Sanlúcar, with whom he worked for ten years. After a period of accompaniment which began alongside Pelé, he started to devote himself almost exclusively to playing concerts in 1988. ''De Mi Corazón al Aire'' (1991) was his first record. A childhood admirer of Paco de Lucía, he took part with him in the show "Leyendas de la guitarra" (Guitar legends) that was held in Seville as a foretaste of the Expo 92 e...

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