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"Victoria" may refer to:

*Victoria of the United Kingdom, aka Queen Victoria, former British monarch

*Victoria (Australia), a state in Australia

*Victoria, British Columbia, the capital of the Canadian province

"Victoria" may also refer to:

*Victoria (name)


* Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819-1837-1901), "Queen Victoria"

* Victoria, Princess Royal and Empress Frederick (1840-1901), her daughter, Empress consort in Germany

* Princess Victoria Alexandra of the United Kingdom (1868-1935), granddaughter of Queen Victoria


, ''please see also: List of persons titled Princess Victoria''

* Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (born 1977)

* Princess Viktoria of Prussia (1866-1929)


*Victoria Beckham (b. 1974), an English celebrity and fashion designer

*Victoria Fuller (b. 1970), an American model, actress and reality TV star

*Victoria Jackson (b. 1959), a American comedian and actress

*Victoria Silvstedt (b. 1974), a Swedish model and actress


* Victoria (3rd century), a.k.a. Vitruvia, mother of the Gallic Emperor Victorinus (ruled 268-270).

* Guadalupe Victoria (1786–1843), first president of Mexico

* Tom...

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