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"Videodrone" was a five piece Synth rock band from California, USA. Originally Cradle of Thorns, the band put out one record on Korn's Elementree Records.

Formed from the ashes of Cradle of Thorns, the members of Videodrone had been playing together since 1988. After the group parted ways with Chris O'Brain, the band was renamed (taken from the cult classic film Videodrome). A twelve track CD was released in 1999 with notable appearances from Korn's Jonathan Davis on "Ty Jonathan Down" and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst on "Human Piñata". Also from Korn, Head played guitar on "Power Tools For Girls" and Fieldy did production on the album. Vocalist Ty Elam was in the band Sexart along with Jonathan Davis and Ryan Shuck, who would go on to play for Orgy, another one-time Elementree Records band. Drummer Kris Kohls went on to play for Adema after Videodrone's demise in 2000.

''Videodrone (February 23, 1999)''

# "Ty Jonathan Down"

# "Closer To Coma"

# "Alone With 20 Bucks"

# "The Devil's Sweepstakes"

# "Faceplant"

# "Human Piñata"

# "Pig In A Blanket"

# "L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)"

# "Ant In The Dope"

# "Power Tools For Girls"

# "Jesus (Lord O...

years active 1997–2000
origin California
country United States
music genre Synth rock
current members Ty Elam : Vocals
David File : Guitar
Kris Kohls : Drums
Rohan : Keyboards
Mavis : Bass + Backing Vocals
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia