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Village People

Village People were a novelty disco band of the late 1970s. The group were as well known for their outrageous on-stage costumes as for their catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. The members each dressed as a police officer, an American Indian chief, a construction worker, a soldier, a leatherman (biker), and a cowboy.

The band was assembled (in 1977) and managed by two French musicians, Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo (see picture< see picture -->), specifically to showcase and perform their disco music creations. Much like Frank Farian's Boney M or The Spice Girls, the group was manufactured. Despite the French song writers, the songs were all in English.

The band's name references a well-known gay area of New York City, Greenwich Village. Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo got the inspiration for creating an assembly of American man archetypes based on the gay men of The Village who frequently dressed in various fantasy ways. Although the group exploited gay themes, the original line-up was a mixture of gay and straight members.

The United States ...

Genre Disco
Years active 1977 - present
Current members G. Jeff Olsen
Eric Anzalone
Ray Simpson
Felipe Rose
Alex Briley
David Hodo
Past members Randy Jones (singer)
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source: Wikipedia

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