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"Vintersorg" () is a Swedish progressive, folk/viking, black metal-influenced band formed in 1994 under the name "Vargatron" ("Wolfthrone" in English). Lyrically, the band deals with topics on fantasy, mythology, nature, the cosmos and metaphysics. Vintersorg means "Winter Sorrow," but the name was taken from the Isfolket series by Margit Sandemo where the character Vintersorg is the son of a great pagan leader.

The sound of Vintersorg has vastly changed over the years, as his earlier sound had more of a folk influence, and his later more of an experimental sound. This transformation was most notably marked with the release of the ''Cosmic Genesis'' album, and the change in sound progressed from album to album, with the most recent album ''The Focusing Blur'' being an extremely avantgarde album.

Along with this change in musical style, the lyrical topics began to shift as well. In the past the lyrics were all sung and written in Swedish and dealt with topics of nature and paganism. With the advent of ''Cosmic Genesis'', the lyrics were now written and sung mostly in English and now dealt with scientific ideas and philosophies dealing with topics such as metaphysics, as...

country Sweden
years active 1994–present
music genre Folk metal
Black metal
Progressive metal
Viking metal
current members Andreas Hedlund
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia