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"Clay Walker" (born 19 August, 1969 in Beaumont, Texas) is an American country music singer. He fell in love with music at age 9, and after graduating from Vidor High School in 1987, he pursued a full-time music career.

He eventually became the house singer at the Neon Armadillo Bar in Beaumont, where he was discovered by producer James Stroud. Stroud helped Walker get a contract with Giant Records, and they began working on Walker's debut album.

The self-titled album ''Clay Walker'' was released in 1993. It contained the #1 hit singles "What's It to You", "Live Until I Die" and "Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open." It also featured the #11 "Where Do I Fit In the Picture" as well as the flop "White Palace."

In 1994, Walker's second album, ''If I Could Make a Living'', was released. It contained the #1 hit title track, as well as top-ten hit "This Woman and This Man" and minor hit "My Heart Will Never Know."

Walker's third album, ''Hypnotize the Moon'', was released in 1995. It contained the #2 hit "Who Needs You Baby", as well as the top-5 title track, another top 10 hit called "Only On Days That End In 'Y'", and minor hits "Where Were You" and "Bu...

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