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"War" was a multiracial, multicultural American funk band of the 1970s from the Los Angeles area of California, known primarily for the hit song "Low Rider". Formed in 1969, War was the first and most successful musical crossover, fusing elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin music, R&B, and even reggae. The band also transcended racial and cultural barriers with a multi-ethnic line-up. The band's diverse musical influences have made it an enduring influence, one that has sold nearly 25 million records to date. Although War's lyrics are often political in nature, their music had a consistently laid-back, Southern California vibe. The music has been sampled and covered by many contemporary artists, ranging from Janet Jackson to Korn to TLC.

In 1962, the foundation of the band was laid when Howard Scott and Harold Brown formed a group called the Creators in Compton, California. Within a few years, they had added Charles Miller, B.B. Dickerson and Lonnie Jordan to the lineup. They all shared a love of diverse styles of music, which they had absorbed living in the racially-mixed Los Angeles ghettos. The Creators recorded several singles on Dore Records while working with Jay Contr...

years active 1969–1997
origin Compton, California, USA. Based in Long Beach, California and Los Angeles, California for much of its musical career
music genre Funk, Rock music
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source: Wikipedia