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"Warlock" was a German heavy metal music band from Düsseldorf, originally assembled in late 1982. By the end of the 1980s, singer Doro Pesch was the sole original member whom remained in the band, and thus proceeded to form Doro, a band which was essentially a continuation of Warlock under a different name. The band Doro has several classic songs from Warlock on its repertoire.

The music of Warlock was more heavy metal oriented in the beggining of the 80's, with "Burning the Witches" album, but soon going more to a hard rock style after "Hellbound". Their influences were from the 70's hard/heavy metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. and german bands such as Scorpions and Accept. Similar bands: Ratt, Dokken and Zed Yago.

Warlock spent most of the year of 1983 playing in different German clubs, eventually building a steady fan base. After recording a demo and sending it to record labels, the band ontained a contract with independent Belgian label Mausoleum.

The "Mark I" line-up (Doro Pesch on vocals, Peter Szigeti and Rudy Graf on the guitars, Frank Rittel on the bass and Michael Eurich on the drums) recorded the albums ''Burning the Witches'' (from 1984) and ''Hellbound'' (fr...

origin Germany
music genre Heavy metal music
years active 1982-1988
status Disbanded
original members Doro Pesch
Peter Szigeti
Rudy Graf
Frank Rittel
Michael Eurich
former members Tommy Bolan
Tommy Henriksen
Niko Arvanitis
Bobby Rondinelli
Jon Devin
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source: Wikipedia