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"Waxwing" was formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1996 by singer/guitarist Rocky Votolato, drummer Rudy Gadajhar, bassist Andrew Hartley and Cody Votolato (younger brother to Rocky) as a second guitarist. Waxwing recorded three full-length albums, their first in 1999, ''For Madmen Only'', the critically acclaimed ''One For The Ride'' in 2000, and in 2002 they recorded ''Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns.'' Waxwing is known for their unique post-punk rock with progressive riffs and southwestern influences. Singer Rocky Votolato chooses mature perspectives when writing lyrics, often refering to death as a "rite" he has not yet earned, being thankful, and questioning his own usefullness to humanity.

Waxwing disbanded in late 2005, currently memebers of Waxwing continue to perform as The Blood Brothers while Rocky Votolato tours to premote his solo project.

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