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Derek Webb

"Derek Walsh Webb" (born May 27, 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a singer-songwriter, and a former member of the band Caedmon's Call.

In 2003, Derek left Caedmon's Call to pursue a solo career. His first solo album, ''She Must and Shall Go Free'' is notable for causing controversy in Contemporary Christian Music circles; some Christian retailers refused to stock the album for its use of "strong" language.

The two songs that were the basis for controversy were ''Wedding Dress'' where Webb compares Christians who seek fulfillment in things outside of Christ to a person committing adultery. An introspective tune, Webb writes that "''I am a whore I do confess / I put you on just like a wedding dress''".

The second song that generated controversy was ''Saint and Sinner'' where Webb wrote" "''I used to be a "damned" mess but now I look just fine, 'Cause you dressed me up and we drank the finest wine''". The word damned was removed from the final version of the album, at the request of two major Christian retailers.

His second solo studio record, ''I See Things Upside Down'', generated mixed reviews. All marketing to the typical Christian music stations used by his ...

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