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Weddings Parties Anything

"Weddings Parties Anything" is an Australian rock/folk band formed by Mick Thomas in 1985 and continuing until 1998. Their name came from a Clash song ("Revolution Rock").

WPA quickly got a reputation as a hot new band through its constant playing in early days. Billy Pinnell described their first album as the best Australian rock debut since Skyhooks' "Living in the 70s". They quickly formed a loyal supporter base; fans became known as "Wedheads".

Renown for their energetic live shows, especially legendary Christmas shows which grew from one night on Christmas Eve to a full week of live shows at the Central Club Hotel in Richmond leading up to Christmas Eve in 1998.

Recently reformed for the Community Cup Challenge footy match in July 2005.

*Mick Thomas (vocals, guitar, madolin)

*Mark Wallace (piano accordion, keyboards, vocals)

*Paul Thomas (guitar, pedal steel)

*Michael Barclay (drums, vocals)

*Stephen O'Prey (bass guitar, guitar, vocals)

*Jen Anderson (violin, mandolin, guitar, vocals)

*Wendy Joseph (piano accordion, keyboards, vocals)

*Janine Hall (bass guitar, vocals)

*Dave Steel (guitar, vocals)

*Richard Burgman (guitar)

*Marcus S...

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