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Wednesday 13

: ''This article is about the band "Wednesday 13". For its lead singer of the same name, see Wednesday 13.''

"Wednesday 13" are a Hard rock band, fronted by the Murderdolls frontman of the same name. The group formed in 2005 and continue to play.

The genre of music is a mix of glam rock and punk with lyrics heavily inspried by horror movies. All music and lyrics are written by the vocalist and guitarist Wednsday 13. All guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals on the recordings are also by Wednesday. Ghastly drummed on their debut album, whilst Kid Kid and Pig provided some back up vocals

The group were assembled after 13's primary band the Murderdolls went on hiatus. They are heavily influenced by the likes of KISS and Alice Cooper, while at the same time not straying far from the vocalists previous projects.

In 2005 they released their debut album "Transylvania 90210", and made a promotional video for the track "''I Walked With A Zombie''", the video depicted the band members in footage from the original Night of the Living Dead horror movie. Following the albums release the group embarked on a tour of the United Kingdom; "''Tour from the Crypt''".


music genre Hard rock, Horror punk, Glam rock
current members Wednesday 13
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source: Wikipedia