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Wendy Bucklew

"Wendy Bucklew" is an American folk singer/songwriter who became well-known as part of the Atlanta folk scene, which she joined in 1988. She recently moved back to California. Her most recent album, ''After You'', was able to achieve distribution after a record label dispute when a fan who became a dot-com millionaire after listening to Bucklew's music during a difficult life period bought her contract and all of her product, and returned them to Bucklew so that she could continue making music.

* ''Rage in the Ring'' (1990)

* ''Painting Sidewalks'' (1994)

* ''Asleep in the Swing'' (1996)

* ''After You'' (2002)

* Wendy Bucklew on Daemon Records

Bucklew, Wendy

Bucklew, Wendy

Bucklew, Wendy

Bucklew, W

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