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Wendy James

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"Wendy James" is a singer/songwriter best known for her lead singing role in the late 80's pop band Transvision Vamp. She is currently the singer in the band Racine.

Wendy James was born on the 21st January 1966, in East Sussex, England. Wendy was adopted soon after and left home at the age of 16, moving to the English seaside town of Brighton. Whilst there, she studied drama and English at college. After a year, she began singing in a nightclub, where (according to her) she mainly sang Patti Smith cover songs. There she met and began dating Nick Christian Sayer. James soon began living with Sayer and they started writing songs. Eventually Sayer and James moved to London where they teamed up with some punk friends, Dave Parsons, Tex Axile and Pol Burton, and formed the pop-punk band Transvision Vamp. Their first release entitled "Revolution Baby" failed to make much of an impact, but their third single "I Want Your Love" was a top 10 hit in the U.K. charts in 1988.

Never afraid to speak her mind, Wendy was often quite outspoken in many areas of life.

* Kylie Minogue: "I think the attitudes she's portrayin...

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