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"Whale" was a Swedish pop group in the 1990s that wrote songs in English. The group's members were Henrik Schyffert, Cia Soro(a.k.a. Cia Berg), and Gordon Cyrus. The band enjoyed much success, particularly in the European market. Their first single, 1993's Hobo Humpin' Slobo-Babe acheived critical acclaim and heavy spins in the Euro dance club scene.

Two full-length albums were released, along with a slew of singles throughout the 1990's. We Care, the group's first album, appeared in 1995 being produced by the band itself with the assistance of Trip Hop entrepreneur Tricky (formerly of Massive Attack). Several international tours later and a nod from MTV Europe the band would continue to release numberous singles both in Compact Disc and 12" Vinyl formats. The culmination of this group's artistic output came in 1998's All Disco-Dance Must End In Broken Bones.


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|July 14, 1998

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years active 1993 – 1998
status Inactive
country Sweden
music genre Alternative Rock, Trip Hop
current members Cia Soro
Henrik Schyffert
Gordon Cyrus
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia