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"Wheatus" is a pop group from Long Island, New York. They are best known for their 2001 hit single "Teenage Dirtbag" from the movie ''Loser''.

Wheatus was formed by Brendan B. Brown in 1998. Brown wrote a few songs, enlisted the help of his brother, Peter on drums and Rich Leigey on bass (he was replaced by Mike McCabe after the release of their self-titled debut ''Wheatus'').

Wheatus' first and largest hit was the single "Teenage Dirtbag," which charted at #2 in the UK. Their second single "A Little Respect" (an Erasure cover) also reached high chart positions, and was another top-3 hit for the band on the UK singles chart. Their third single, a double A-side of "Leroy" and "Wannabe Gangstar" (the single version of the latter featuring Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden), performed less well.

When the band began work on their second album, Liz Brown (the sister of the brothers Brown) and Kathryn Froggat (Brendan Brown's girlfriend, previously the band's merchandiser) teamed up for backing vocals. Shannon Harris of Relish (who had supported Wheatus on their earlier tours) signed on as keyboardist, at the request of Brendan Brown.

Due to disagreements with their...

country Long Island, New York
years active 1998–present
music genre Pop Rock, Rock music
current members Brendan B. Brown
Kevin Garcia
Liz Brown
Gerard Hoffmann
Matt Milligan
Connie Renda
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia