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"Whigfield" is a Danish singer best known for the song "Saturday Night", a hugely popular single of summer 1994. Born "Sannie Charlotte Carlson" in Skælskør, Denmark on April 11 1970, she spent several years in Africa as a child before returning to her native country. She rose to prominence when her single "Saturday Night" became the summer smash hit of 1994, thanks to extensive play in the clubs of the Mediterranean and the fact that it had a dance which many found easy to learn. She became the first ever non-UK artist to debut at No.1 in their first week in the UK Singles Chart. Her music was also very successful in Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia, France and the Nordic countries during the 1994 eurodance phenomenon.

However the only place where she has yet to achieve success, and has eluded her since, is the United States (Even though she placed both "Saturday Night" and "Another Day" on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1995, with "Night" peaking at #19 and "Day" coming in at #21, respectively).

Later singles include "Think of You", "Close To You", "Last Christmas", "Gimme Gimme" and "Sexy Eyes".

Like Milli Vanilli, Whigfield was accused of ...

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