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"Whitesnake" is a British hard rock band, active primarily in the 1980s.

The band was formed by David Coverdale (of Deep Purple fame) after two solo records in the late 70's and was originally popular only in Europe and Japan.

During the band's early years, its music was primarily blues-oriented hard rock. Members of the band include Jon Lord and Ian Paice (of Deep Purple), Cozy Powell and Neil Murray. The band has featured many talented guitarists over the years including: Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, John Sykes, Adrian Vandenberg, Vivian Campbell and Steve Vai.

The early incarnations of the band were very successful in Europe, with singles ''Fool For Your Loving'' and ''Don't Break My Heart Again'' (B-side of the excellent ''Child Of Babylon'') entering the UK charts, while albums like ''Lovehunter'' and ''Ready An' Willing'' are still considered the best by many European fans, who never accepted the ''American sell-out'' of the years to come.

The first major shake-up happened right after the recording of ''Saints & Sinners'', when most of the band (including main guitar player Bernie Marsden and drummer Ian Paice) was sacked. Marsden was replaced by Mel Gal...

years active 1978-Present (time)
status Active
country England
music genre Hard Rock,Glam Rock
current members David Coverdale
Doug Aldrich
Reb Beach
Uriah Duffy
Tommy Aldridge
Timothy Drury
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia