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Wide Mouth Mason

"Wide Mouth Mason" (WMM) is an R&B based, modern pop/rock, power trio, reminiscent of a modern day combination of trios such as "The Experience", "The Police", and "Nirvana". Comprised of Shaun Verreault (vocals, guitar), Safwan Javed (percussion, vocals), and Earl Pereira (bass, vocals), the band Wide Mouth Mason creates music that transcends the easy labels of music media and instead lays ground for a sound that is wholly the band and best heard live.

Wide Mouth Mason hails from Saskatoon, Canada, which is also the hometown of world renowned artist, Joni Mitchell. She was a huge influence in showing the band that it doesn't matter where you are from in order to be internationally successful. WMM started playing together in high school and have been together since. They've received a Juno nomination for "Best New Group" and have two Certified Gold Records in Canada under their belt. Two of their four albums were co-produced and engineered by Todd Burke (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson) and David Leonard (Prince, Barenaked Ladies), both of whom have largely increased WMM's level of studio experience and ability to comfortably work with music industry heavyweights. Over the las...

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