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Wilki are a Polish Alternative rock/Pop rock band from Warsaw. They are contempories to Polish band Myslovitz, and along with Myslovitz are credited for being Poland's biggest rock bands. They have written songs both in English and Polish. Their name comes from the Polish word for wolf, and their album covers also feature wolfs. They are currently

signed to Sony music in Poland.

Wilki (MJM Music 1992)

Przedmieścia (MJM Music 1993)

Acousticus Rockus (MJM Music 1994)

4 (Pomaton EMI 2002)

4 reedycja (Pomaton EMI 2003)

Watra (Pomaton EMI 2004)

Watra exclusive (Pomaton EMI 2005)

Wilki i Robert Gawliński - największe przeboje (Sony Music PL 2000)

Live (Sony Music PL 2002)

Wilki are mainly influenced by 1980's rock bands especially Post-punk bands, such as U2 and The Cure. Lead singer and guitarist Robert Gawliński enjoyed these bands in his teenage years.

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years active 1991-present
origin Warsaw, Poland
status Active
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Robert Gawliński - lead vocals, guitar, Mikis Cupas - guitar, Leszek Biolik - bass guitar, Andrzej Smolik - keyboards, Hubert Gasiul - drums and percussion
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source: Wikipedia