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Willis, a variant of the name William, is a surname, and may refer to many people.


  • Albert Sydney Willis
  • Alicia Leigh Willis
  • Allee Willis
  • Austin Willis
  • Ashley Willis


  • Ben Willis
  • Beth Willis
  • Bill Willis
  • Bob Willis, English cricketer
  • Bobby Willis
  • Brad Willis
  • Browne Willis
  • Bruce Willis, actor known for his roles as David Adison in Moonlighting and John McLane? in the Die Hard trilogy


  • Carol Willis
  • Chuck Willis
  • Connie Willis
  • Craig Willis


  • Dave Willis
  • David Willis, a webcomic artist
  • Dinah Willis
  • Don Willis
  • Dontrelle Willis, pitcher for baseball's Florida Marlins
  • Doug Willis


  • Edwin B. Willis
  • Edwin E. Willis
  • Ellen Willis
  • Eric Willis
  • Errick Willis
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