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Willy Porter

Willy Porter

"Willy Porter" is a contemporary American folk musician from Wisconsin. His career as a published singer began in 1990 with his album, ''The Trees Have Soul'', although his popularility began in 1994 with his album ''Dog-Eared Dream'', which had the successful single ''Angry Words'', and led to his touring as an opening act for artists including Tori Amos and The Cranberries. Recently, Porter opened for Jethro Tull, where he formed a friendship with Tull's guitarist, Martin Barre.

* ''The Trees Have Soul'' — 1990

* ''Dog-Eared Dream'' — 1995

* ''Falling Forward'' — 1999

* ''Willy Porter'' — 2002

* ''High Wire Live'' — 2003

* Official Website

* The Complete Idiot's Guide to Willy Porter

Porter, Willy

Porter, Willy

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