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The Wohlstandskinder was a punk rock band from Köln, Germany that was founded in 1995. They define their music as "Provinzrock" ("Province rock").

The "The" in the bandname was added in 2000, according to the official statement on their website as "Adelsprädikat" ("Ennobling descriptor") and as sign for "Posertum" and "Möchtegernglamour" ("Wannabe-glamour").

The early songs of The Wohlstandskinder were society-critically, politically left and often shameless. On their way of success, which even lead to a Major Label, their music got much more subtle, and lost its shameless style nearly completely.

The Wohlstandskinder are: :Honolulu Silver - Vocals, Guitar :Türk Travolta - Lead-Guitar :Raki Neidhardt - Bass :Don Ludger de la Cardeneo - Drums :Toni Maroni - Keyboard (since 2005)

The Wohlstandskinder published several singles and five studio albums, they have also been sampled several times.

They have recorded two music-videos, one was even shown on the German music-television station VIVA (only verry...

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