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"The Wondermints" are a power pop band from Los Angeles, California, United States. The main members are Darian Sahanaja (keyboards), Nick Walusko (or Nicky Wonder) (guitar) and Mike D'Amico (percussion). Other contributors have included Brian Kassan (bass) and Probyn Gregory (multiple instruments). The band's distinctive sound is a mixture of Elvis Costello-esque New Wave and '60's lounge music, with a lyrical predilection for scientific or science fiction topics (lyrics mentioning trilobites and DNA are not unusual).

The group formed in 1992 and released a vinyl single, "Proto Pretty", which was later compiled on Rhino Records' "Poptopia" series of power-pop compilations. They followed this with the albums The Wondermints (1995), Wonderful World of the Wondermints (an album of cover songs from 1996), Bali (1998) and Mind If We Make Love to You (2002). Most of these albums were released in Japan prior to release in the States.

In 1999, the group signed on to be part of Brian Wilson's touring band. Sahanaja, Walusko, and Gregory have played with him ever since, with D'Amico only having toured with Wilson in 1999, 2000, and 2002. Due to personal issues, he was replaced in...

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