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"Wonderwall" is a German pop group. In its original formation, its members were Kati (Kathrin), eLa (Daniela) and Jule (Julia).

Wonderwall strongly emphasize that they are not a made-up girl group. They compose all of their songs and write all of the lyrics themselves and impress by naturalness and relaxed treatment of fans and media. Their music is soft acoustic guitar pop with piano, percussion and English lyrics.

Kati got to know to Jule through ballet, while she knew eLa from school. At the age of 11 the started playing music together for fun and called themselves "McDowell-Brothers". Although their level of English was not very high at this point, they wrote their lyrics in English already and thought about matching guitar accompaniment.

Through a common theatre performance all three got to know each other and performed as three on garden parties or local celebrations in and around Cologne. By chance they got to know to a producer who liked their music, and so gave them a record deal. The first single "Witchcraft" was released in May 2001 and reached position 77 in the German single charts. After another single (Who Am I, November 2001) which did not ent...

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