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World Party

"World Party" is a successful British pop/rock band, which is essentially the solo project of its multi-talented only member, Karl Wallinger. The band was started in 1986 after Wallinger left The Waterboys amid conflicts with band founder Mike Scott.

After the events of Live Aid in 1985, Wallinger and Scott wrote separate songs about their feelings of the period of a world coming together, both titled "World Party". But Scott insisted that his song of that name would be on the next Waterboys album, not Wallinger's, whom - sensing Wallinger's discontent - offered Wallinger a deal to do an album of his own if he wished.

Wallinger took the opportunity and left the band on sour terms (not least of all from a suspicion in the Waterboys camp that World Party were being created by the label as a replacement owing to their difficulties with Mike Scott). Some members of the Waterboys at that time - Guy Chambers and Chris Whitten - were to leave with Wallinger for the new band, while Anthony Thistlethwaite, Steve Wickham and Rufus Delahaye from the remaining Waterboys helped on the first World Party album.

The Waterboys song "World Party" from their album ''Fisherman's Blue...

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