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Wynonna Judd

"Wynonna Ellen Judd" is an Award-winning Country Music singer. She often goes by the single name "Wynonna" (pronounced "Wye-NO-nah").

Wynonna Judd was born on May 30, 1964, in Ashland, Kentucky, and was given the name "Christina Claire Ciminella", although Michael Ciminella is not her biological father. He is the father of her sister, Ashley Judd. Wynonna's father was Charles Jordan, who died in 2000, and who was never married to Naomi Judd.

Her immediate family consists of her mother Naomi, half sister Ashley, son Elijah Judd (born December 23, 1994), daughter Pauline Grace (born June 21, 1996), and her second husband and former bodyguard, D.R. Roach (married November 22, 2003).

Before launching her solo career, Wynonna sang as part of a duo with her mother. Together, they were known as ''The Judds''.

Wynonna is an active and vocal member of the Recording Artists' Coalition, an American music industry organization that represents recording artists, and attempts to defend their rights and interests.

Since her career began some of her achievements include no fewer than 20 #1 singles, a Grammy award and a performance at Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994. In 2000...

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