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X Japan

) was a Visual Kei band formed in Chiba, Japan by the drummer and pianist, Yoshiki Hayashi and the lead vocalist Toshi. They started out as a Japanese power metal/speed metal band, and later gravitated towards an alternative rock sound, but always retained a huge emphasis on ballads.

With the release of their second album, Blue Blood , they exploded into the mainstream of the Japanese music, that album is considered by some to be the one of the best albums in all J-Rock history.

X Japan is widely considered to be one of the most successful and influential bands in Japan, having sold over 20 million albums and singles and over 2 million videos to date.


Plans for the band started in 1976 by Yoshiki Hayashi and Toshi (Toshimitsu Deyama) were only children in school. Influenced by western hard rock, the band was to be modelled after the band KISS. Initial names for the band included Dynamite (1978-1980) and Noise(1980-summer 1982) before settling on "X", which was supposed to be only a temporary name until they thought of a better one.

Yoshiki, Toshi & Terry played live shows in the 1982 & 1983 culture festivals of their ...

years active 1982 - 1997
origin Chiba, Chiba
country Japan
music genre Visual Kei
Speed Metal
Power Metal
Progressive Metal
Glam Metal
Hard Rock
current members Yoshiki
Toshi (musician)
past members Taiji (bassist)
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source: Wikipedia