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Tri Yann

The band was founded in 1971 by "Jean Chocun", "Jean-Paul Corbineau" and "Jean-Louis Jossic" - all of whom remain members - hence the suggested name of ''Tri Yann an Naoned'' (), ''Jean'' and ''Yann'' being respectively the French and Breton versions of the name ''John'').

As the best known celtic band in France, Tri Yann are one of the longest-standing Breton music groups surviving from the folk-rock revival of the 1970s.

Among their best-known tracks are ''La jument de Michaud'' (including the chorus "j'entends le loup, le renard et la belette" i.e. "I hear the wolf, the fox and the weasel") or ''Dans les prisons de Nantes'' (in the prisons of Nantes)...

*"Founding members"

* Jean-Louis Jossic (Vocals, bombarde)

* Jean Chocun (Vocals, mandolin, guitar)

* Jean-Paul Corbineau (Vocals, acoustic guitar)

* Gérard Goron (Vocals, drums) 1977-

* Jean-Luc Chevalier (Electric guitar, bass guitar) 1988-

* Konan Mevel (Bagpipes, flutes) 1999-

* Fred Bourgeois (Vocals, keyboards) 1999-

* Christophe Peloil (Vocals, violin) 1999-

*"Former members"

* Bernard Baudriller (Bass guitar) 1971

* Jérôme Gasmi (Drums) 1976-1977

* Christope Le ...

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