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"Yellowcard" is a rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. Their music can be also classified as pop punk. A characteristic of the music of Yellowcard is their use of a violin.

Yellowcard was formed in 1997 in Jacksonville, Florida after meeting at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. The band was made up of six members: Ben Dobson (vocals), Todd Clarry (vocals, guitar), Ben Harper (guitar), Sean Mackin (violin), Warren Cooke (bass guitar), and Longineu W. Parsons III (drums). The band released their first album, ''Midget Tossing'', in 1997 and met with some success, before undergoing line-up changes. Ben Dobson and Todd Clarry were replaced by Ryan Key (vocals, guitar) who convinced the band that they would not achieve success in Florida in the long run, so they decided to move to Southern California. The new group released their debut album, ''One for the Kids'' (Lobster Records), in 2001, and followed up with ''The Underdog EP'' (Fueled by Ramen Records) in 2002 which were both well-received by fans. However, Yellowcard's real public reception came aft...

years active 1997–present
origin Jacksonville, Florida, United States
music genre Rock Music
current members Ryan Key
Sean Mackin
Ryan Mendez
Peter Mosely
Longineu Warren Parsons III.
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia