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"László Fogarasi Jr." aka "Yonderboi" (born 1981 in Hungary) is a Hungarian electronic music composer.

His album ''Shallow and Profound'' is somewhere between Future Jazz, Downtempo and Trip Hop. Other albums: Rough and Rare, Splendid Isolation (latest)

He experimented with music on his computer during high school. After his 16th birthday he sent a demo to "Juice records". Later his single ''Pink Solidism'' was released in the ''Future sound of Budapest vol. 2'' compilation. At the age of 19 he moved from his remote village to Budapest. After that he made his debut album ''Shallow and Profound'', which brought him international recognition.


*2005 - ''Splendid Isolation''

*2000 - ''Shallow and Profound''


* 1997 ''Pink Solidism'' on ''Future sound of Budapest vol. 2''

* Mole listening pearls

* Complete detailed discography





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