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"Zed" are a pop/rock four-piece from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Originally formed while still students at Christchurch's Cashmere High School, "Zed" is the dream child of Nathan King, Ben Campbell and Adrian Palmer.

In 2001, Zed were no longer a three-piece, they are now a "four-piece band" joined by second guitarist Andrew Lynch. Soon after their inception, Nathan felt there was someone missing from the band and they hired Andy.

Assisting with the re-shaping on ''Silencer'' was producer David Nicholas. Rhythm and vocal tracks were recorded at Revolver Studios in Auckland, with final overdubs and mixing at Mangrove Studios, north of Sydney, Australia. Recording sessions were over in seven weeks, although after all band members and production staff came down with the flu.

''Silencer'' became the hit album of 2000 in New Zealand, debuting at "#1" on the New Zealand Album Charts, quickly achieving triple platinum status, and creating six hit singles. ''Renegade Fighter'' was the #1 song in New Zealand during 2000.

Zed took an "extended break" in 2005, with band members looking into new musical ventures. Nathan King has launched a solo career and is now b...

country Christchurch, New Zealand
years active 1998–2005
music genre Rock music
current members Nathan King
Ben Campbell
Adrian Palmer
Andy Lynch (2001- )
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia